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Partnering with specialist dog handlers has enabled Elmoby Ecology to concentrate on delivering high quality surveys and reports whilst freeing up time to investigate important research questions around bird and bat impacts at wind farms.

Skylos Ecology have a long history of working with dogs.  From their roots in search and rescue, the team at Skylos have evolved to become specialists in biosecurity and working with governments. 

Utilising border collies for their excellent intelligence and ability to cover quadrants effectively, skylos provide exceptional service where quality assurance is essential.

Canidae Development and Elmoby Ecology partnered in 2015 under the ethos of doing things better.

Canidae Developments long experience with dogs and high standards around the health and safety of working dogs in industrial settings has enabled better practices, better data collection and a superior service.

fiona and jimmy.jpg

Jimmy adores his human Fiona who rescued him, gave him love and what every working dog needs - a job!

rubble and uda.jpeg

Having a break from wind farms, Rubble and Uda head off with Melbourne Zoo to look for endangered frogs in Alpine areas.

rubble ngare and baby uda.jpg

Rubble and Ngare training the next generation of detection dogs.  Pups take almost 2 years to be ready to work.


Tracy and Rassy love working in the desert with temperatures fluctuating from freezing to scolding.

luke and rubble.png

Luke checks the dogs tracks to make sure the survey area is covered.  The dogs tracks can be seen in real time.

rubble and sheep Mt Mercer.jpg

"I am not a sheep dog" says Rubble, "I am a detection dog, (please go away woolly things)!"

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