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Salt Creek Wind Farm

Working alongside Biosis, the team at Skylos have been collecting data over a massive 132m radius circle around each turbine, covering 5.5 hectares each survey or around 17 hectares per day.  This three year project has a focus on grey headed flying foxes and sees the team surveying almost 170 hectares per month. 

Yaloak South Wind Farm

Partnering with Biosis and providing the leading team position, we are again working with Pacific Hydro at what is currently one of the most rigorous monitoring programs at a wind farm in Australia. This allows us to develop a detailed and comprehensive understanding of wildlife interactions on site whilst giving the dogs the extra work they love! :)

rubble ngare and baby uda.jpg
Crowlands Wind Farm

Crowlands Wind Farm has spectacular views across the Pyrenees Ranges and has some of the steepest topography we have worked in.  The challenging elevations, exposed ridges and dangerous terrain are all part of a normal days work for the team.  This site with its stark beauty is

Portland Wind Energy Production Stage IV

We began working in Portland during Stage I in 2008 following our successful partnership at Pacific Hydro's Challicum Hills Wind Farm.  Ten years later we are still working closely with Pacific Hydro to deliver high quality projects and enjoy regular seaside visits for Stage IV. 

rubble and sheep Mt Mercer.jpg
Mt Mercer Wind Farm

Our team spent many hours at Mt Mercer from 2015 to 2017 as part of our partnership with Ecology and Heritage Partners and Meridian Energy.  As you can see, our detection dogs are not there to round sheep up, with Rubble feeling slightly put out that all these sheep were following him when he was trying to do his job!

Mt Gelibrand Wind Farm

Partnering again with EH Partners, we will collect and deliver efficient data with high detection rates.  It is good to be working with Acciona Energy again after working on several past projects, both in Vic and NSW, including the most extensive monitoring for bird and bat impacts done thus far in Victoria at  Waubra Wind Farm. 

elmo 3 turbines.jpg
Waubra Wind Farm

Waubra Wind Farm remains one of the most intensely surveyed wind farms in Australia.  We had dogs on site full time for over 2 years and it was at this wind farm we first saw similar patterns of bat impacts to overseas wind farms.  Not because Waubra was the first to impact bats, but because our dogs were there every day to find them before the foxes did.

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