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BAM Plans

Creation and implementation

Bat and avifauna plans are a part of wind farms.  With almost 15 years experience, we can create, amend and update your BAM plan to reflect current knowledge.  We can then implement, manage and report on the outcomes of the study.

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Data Collection

Detection dogs

We have a team of professional detection dogs trained to detect birds and bats.  In addition we employ paperless surveys with GPS technology so you know where we have been and how long we have looked for.

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Project Management

Reports and advocacy

With our level of industry experience we have seen most situations.  We can plan, coordinate, report, meet with Government Departments and generally help to meet planning expectations from start to finish.


Conservation Dogs

Evaluation and integration

Thinking a dog might help your conservation objectives?  We can provide support for integrating, evaluating and interpreting detection dog data into your project.  We can even evaluate current working teams and provide performance evaluation for your data analysis.  We have experience with rare and invasive species.

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