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Integrating dogs as a research tool for conservation

Collaboration - Expertise - Results


We provide professional support for the integration of dogs as a research tool for threatened and invasive species management.

We also provide advice, support and delivery for bird and bat management plans at wind facilities across Australia.


We began operations at Challicum Hills Wind farm in 2005.  Since then we have delivered projects for:

  • Waubra Wind Farm

  • Portland Wind Energy Facility

  • Gunning Wind Farm

  • Hepburn Community Wind Farm

  • Mt Mercer Wind Farm

to name but a few....



Our clients range from international energy companies through to small community organisations.  

We provide technical expertise and data collection for larger environmental consultancies as well as direct to clients.

We collaborate with Universities to deliver world class research.

We collaborate with Australia's best conservation dog handlers to integrate dogs as a research tool.


Elmoby Ecology is a leader in post construction mortality surveys at wind facilities in Australia with over 13 years’ experience and over 10,000 surveys at many of the wind farms across south-eastern Australia.  In addition, Elmoby Ecology is unique in providing a service to ensure a minimum of 80% survey detection (and often 100%) through the use of specially trained ecological scent dogs.  Working together with other industry specialists to provide scent dogs and superior data analysis we are able to offer a service which is all inclusive of all aspects of bird and bat mortality monitoring.


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Based in western Victoria and servicing Australia

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