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Quantifying Impacts to Birds and Bats at Wind Energy Facilities

We offer expert advice and support to assist your team to build confidence and deliver not just renewable energy
but sustainable energy that doesn't risk biodiversity. From pre-construction BAM plans, to post construction fatality
monitoring and mitigation, check out all the ways we can help you to minimise your wind farms risk
to wildlife.


With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with most major wind companies in Australia as
well as collaborations with Universities, International financial lenders, government organisations
and many of Australia’s large ecological consultants. Click here to discover some of the major
projects we have worked on.



Emma Bennett has developed a reputation as a scientifically robust consultant who prioritises good
science and research when things are unknown. Producing a number of publications, as well as
building strong partnerships, Emma has pushed for evidence-based decisions and the right thing
throughout her career. Find out more about this journey here.

Collaboration - Expertise - Results


Elmoby Ecology is a leader in post construction fatality monitoring.  With over 20 years’ experience in Australia plus delivering world leading projects in Asia, we support wind energy to operate safely without negative impacts to biodiversity. With collaborations in Europe and USA and over 15,000 surveys across south-eastern Australia we have the knowledge and experience to lead the green transition in a sustainable way.  From our humble beginnings with trained scent dogs in the field to our global recognition as PCFM experts, we are able to offer support and services at all stages of bird and bat management plans.



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